Access To The Private Enlightened Living Partner Forum

Join our private forum and gain access to industry experts and 250+ fellow partners who are there to help with your business building questions and needs, 24/7. Surrounding yourself with a like-minded, supportive community of people who want you to be successful is one of the absolute best things you can do for yourself and your business.

Vanessa Jankey

Before joining Enlightened Living, I had big goals with no plan on how I was going to achieve them.  After signing up I knew right away that this was going to be the perfect team for me.

The training and guidance within the first few months gave me the tools to create a plan and a step-by-step guide to help me kick my plans into action. I’m still in the beginning of my journey with Enlightened Living and feel SO excited about where I’m headed; I couldn’t be more excited to be surrounded by a tribe of women who are on a mission to creating a life they LOVE!

Vanessa Jahnke, Health Coach & Co-founder Pure Gym & Juicery


10-Step New Partner Training 

To complete at your own pace, in as little or much time as you need.

  • Getting Started + Set-Up For Success
  • Goal Setting The Right Way
  • Elizabeth’s Formula For Success
  • How To Find Customers
  • Follow-Up The Right Way
  • Understanding The Business Plan
  • Product Partner How-To’s & Product Training
  • Entreprenuer Mindset Must-Have’s, and more.
// WHAT YOU GET THREE: EXCLUSIVE Elizabeth Rider’s (Normally $499)


What Are You Really Selling (Hint: This Will Make Or Break Everything)
//Section One

What Are You Really Selling (Hint: This Will Make Or Break Everything)

  • How to get clear on what it is that you’re really offering—and more importantly, why. Whether it’s a product or service, you need to get clear on not just what you’re offering, but how and why.
  • Access to my exclusive “Cash Map”–the easiest way to determine how you’re going to make the money you need to make this year. (Plus, I’ll show you exactly, in detail, how I make my own money & where it comes from.)
  • Crafting your offering in a way that makes people literally beg you to buy it. (No, really. This happens. It’s exciting!)
  • The Idea Generator—10 Different Ways To Generate Income In Your Wellness Business That You Probably Haven’t Thought Of.
  • The number one secret you must learn (and really learn!) to experience success with your business.
Organizing Your Business In A Way That Supports Your Lifestyle—So You Don’t Go Crazy, Mess Up, Or Give Up
//Section Two

Organizing Your Business In A Way That Supports Your Lifestyle—So You Don’t Go Crazy, Mess Up, Or Give Up

  • Learn my #1 formula for creating abundance in business—what I credit for why I’ve been so successful.
  • How to determine what things you need to be doing—and what things you absolutely DON’T. (Sometimes, the best way to make progress is to stop doing more things, rather than keep doing them. Just wait.)
  • Every single tool you will need to run this business like a well-oiled, money-making, soul-shakin’ business—and exactly how to use each one to your greatest benefit. Cha-ching!
  • Learn my system to keep your business organized from head to toe—so you can concentrate on what really matters. (And not get overwhelmed with icky, time-consuming logistics.)
Building The Biz, Building Your Brand, And Getting Customers (Yes, Please!)
//Section Three

Building The Biz, Building Your Brand, And Getting Customers (Yes, Please!)

  • The reason Twitter is non-negotiable—and how to use it to spread the word about your business. (In much less time than you think, promise.)
  • Facebook, Facebook, Facebook—how you can use the same tool you use every day in a way that will actually make you money (and how to make your own fan page actually work for you).
  • Things your website MUST have to actually benefit you (some might surprise you).
  • The trick to blogging and actually getting clients from every single blog post.
  • What it means to have a personal brand, and how to make sure you’re being perceived the right way—and not the wrong way.
  • Understanding the concept of having a tribe, and why you absolutely need one.
  • Social proof—and how this might be one of the most important selling tools you’ll ever learn about
  • How to craft your bio and why your “about page” can make or break your business.
  • What it means to be authentic in your business, and why it’s so important.
Marketing And Selling With Authenticity, Passion & Feel-Good Vibes (Let The Cash Flow Begin)
//Section Four

Marketing And Selling With Authenticity, Passion & Feel-Good Vibes (Let The Cash Flow Begin)

  • Marketing 101—going back to the basics, so you can get back to making the money you deserve.
  • Understanding the art of copywriting—why what you say is more important than what you sell.
  • Headlines, and why these can be the difference between an abundance of sales—and zero.
  • How to properly launch a product or service so that the sales just flow in. My launch formula is absolutely key to this.
  • Closing that sale. Getting them to say yes. And feeling GOOD about the deal.

Done-For-You Online Nutrition Programs (Optional)

Elizabeth Finch

The Enlightened Living 28-day program was so much more helpful than anything I’d done before.

The information is incredibly applicable to everyday life. It even gave specific ways that I could incorporate these tips into my routine each day. The recipes and other resources are amazing. Since implementing my own version I recommend it to anyone and everyone, no matter where they are on their path to a healthier lifestyle. It was a game-changer for my business. 

Elizabeth Finch | Certified Health Counselor and Mom of 2

This optional section of our training will teach you how to build your own online nutrition program, totally marketed around you and your own brand. Options include a 14-day program, 21-day program and 28-day program. You are free to use these programs as-is, straight “out of the box,” or customize it as you please.

  • Training and overview of how to run an online program
  • Marketing Ideas and Templates
  • Email Templates, Program Guides, PDFs, etc.
  • Daily Email Content
  • Follow-Up Instructions
  • Set-up Instructions

Check out these examples of what some of our savvy Partners have created: Elizabeth Finch, Josie Bouchier


Live Monthly Partner Training Webinars With Industry Experts

Topics vary each month and are based on current trends. Partners also have access to the open Q&A afterwards with Elizabeth and other industry experts.


Even More In-Depth Business Training

You’ll already receive thousands of dollars worth of free training from Elizabeth and her team, and it just keeps getting even better! Choose from our on-demand bonus library of training extras to learn even more:

  • Blogging And Website Tips & Tricks
  • Social Media 101
  • Everything You Need To Know About WordPress
  • Essential WordPress Plugins For Your Website
  • Understanding Attraction Marketing
  • How To Write Your Bio (With Our Kick-butt Bio Template)
  • More…
Amber Barry

As an acupuncturist running my own clinic, my income used to be limited to how many hours I could show up to treat patients. Now I have a solid residual income that has not only allowed me to take several months off for maternity leave, but also lets me fully enjoy the healing work I do when I do it.

With Elizabeth’s guidance, I have reached more personal and financial goals than I ever thought possible, and I know this is only the beginning of what I’ll accomplish in the next 5-10 years. I couldn’t be more grateful.

Josie Bouchier | L.Ac., M.S., Dipl. O.M. (NCCAOM), Mom of 2


Access To Live, In-Person Training Events

Our Partners come from all over the world to meet in-person twice per year – once for a Partner Mastermind Weekend and once in Salt Lake City, UT, for our annual product partner’s international convention. Attendance at both events is optional and encouraged.